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Top 5 Web Design Trends to Look Out For in 2017

Over the past two decades, web design has undergone tremendous transformation characterized by technological evolution and increasing design options. Where back during the evolutionary days of web design, trends used to last for a long time, this day and age, we can explore new design trends every now and then. Staying on top of the changing design trends have become more and more challenging for the designers, but has also enabled them to draw inspiration and venture outside of their typical design habits. In this post, we are sharing top 5 web design trends that are bound to dominate 2017. Dig in to gather some valuable inspiration.

1. Asymmetrical layout

In 2016 we witnessed many designers breaking the symmetry and experimenting with layouts that are not perfectly aligned or balanced on the right and left sides. The layout contains elements
that do not create a perfect mirror image. The design is easier to create since most of the content doesn’t exactly follow a perfect symmetry. The dramatic and compelling design layout caught
the eye of many designers and has been in trend since then.

2. Layouts that focus on content

This design trend focused on a strategic arrangement of design elements that put the content in the limelight. This allowed the reader to easily focus on the information, without compromising
with the look and structure of the layout. Designers have realized that people are looking for valuable information when they are visiting a site and in order to boost the user experience, focusing
on the content while designing the web layout seems to be the most obvious thing to do.

3. Rich background and bold patterns

This day and age, we can find more and more web designs with backgrounds splattered with patterns like small dashes, dots, and stripes. Grid patterns are commonly used to enhance the appeal
of web designs enriched with backgrounds. Here, the grid is used as a frame wherein the other design elements are moved over the grid on the parallax principle. The design elements are most
often placed chaotically. is a great example of a site featuring this trending layout.

4. Typography

Simple neo-grotesque styles like Lato, Helvetica, Roboto, or Open Sans were the most commonly used typefaces until recently. However, the trend can now be seen inclined towards more
decorative texts for the headlines and sometimes for the paragraphs as well. Designers have been bold in the usage of typefaces and are willing to work in contrast with serif and non-serif fonts.

5. GIF and other animations

An increasing number of website and applications have been adopting catchy and interactive animations. We can see GIF’s built into Facebook, Twitter and number of websites to draw the
user’s attention. While they are great to add a bit of decorative element to the web design, at the same time overusing them can be tricky to try.

This post only touches upon a few of the trending web designs, there are endless others that we still need to explore.


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