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The Most Popular Open Source Framework
HTML capabilities are extended in the AngularJS environment for frontend developers. They can develop better and more interactive services with faster interface and greater reliability. Hire our AngularJS Developer from OG Web Solutions today.

We provide a wide range of Angular JS Development services in India that will take your idea to the finished product, while keeping our clients in between every loop. With our comprehensive roadmaps, our clients can keep a tab on the project’s status.

With the complete control of the final product and 100% customer satisfaction, our clients contact us for their AngularJS website or application Development.

Features of AngularJS Development
  • Code Re-usability

    Code Re-usability

    The same code can be used again for other Angular website and application development.

  • Faster App Development

    Faster App Development

    Our developers build AngularJS websites with quick turnaround.

  • Mobility Driven

    Mobility Driven

    AngularJS websites are compatible with wide range of devices.

  • Easy Application

    Easy Application

    Websites on AngularJS are easy to implement and use.

  • Better Performance

    Better Performance

    The performance of the final product is kept high with clean codes.

  • Better Plug & Play Components

    Better Plug & Play Components

    The plug and play components work the best with AngularJS websites.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is AngularJS ? +

Angular JS is an open source, cross browse compliant, JavaScript based development framework that is used for creating high level and dynamic web applications. It lets you use HTML as a template language, and its data binding services allows creating the apps with simple, less, and efficient code.

Q. What are the advantages of AngularJS? +

Advantage of Angular JS are-

  • It requires less code writing, the code is easy to understand, clean, and is less error prone.
  • It has a strong data binding capability and it only occurs only at particular points instead of running at each value change leading to the performance improvement as a single model.
  • It has various extended features like routing, animations, and dependency injection.
  • Angular JS is unit testable and is supported by Visual Studio .NET IDEs and IntelliJ IDEA.
  • It is supported by Google and run all the major browsers along with all the iOS and Android supported devices.
Q. Is AngularJS a library, framework, plugin or a browser extension? +

Angular JS is a pure Javascript framework that involves the technique like dependency injection and DOM manipulation, and is used to develop big business applications.
It is lightweight that is why it is confused with a library. And, it is not a plugin or a browser extension as it is completely compatible with the client side desktop and mobile browsers.

Q. Is AngularJS a templating system? +

Yes. Angular JS is just like another templating system. But, the only difference it has from the other templating system is that it follows bidirectional data binding. The template gets itself compiled in the browse due to, which you don’t need to write the code to regularly sync with the view of model.

Q. Do I need to worry about security holes in AngularJS? +

Just like other software, it is not easy to keep Angular JS up to date as it is not resistant to any type of attack. If an attacker gets an access to control its version, he can easily exploit the application via an XSS attack despite of its version.
However, it is designed to be compatible with CSP, HTTPS, server side authentication along with the built in protection from basic security holes, HTML injection attacks, and cross site scripting.

Q. What browsers does AngularJS work with? +

Angular JS applications runs on all the major application and browsers- Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android, ios, and all the versions of Internet Explorer. The browsers who share a large part of code with our tested browsers such as Firefox are also compatible with Angular JS.
It will not work when you disable the Javascript from the browser.

Q. What's AngularJS's performance like? +

The performance of the Angular JS solely depends on your browser, network, connection, hardware, and state of the cache and the runtime varies on depending upon the level and number of bindings as well as the speed of your backend.

Q. How big is the angular.js file that I need to include? +

The size of the file is compressed ~50KB .

Q. Can I use the open-source Closure Library with AngularJS? +

Yes, you can use Closure Library widgets.

Q. Does AngularJS use the jQuery library? +

Yes, Angular JS uses jQuery if it is present in your application when it is being initialized. It comes with a lite version of jQuery that is used to remove dependency from the application.
AngularJS 1.3 only supports jQuery 2.1 or jQuery 1.7 and these versions do not work with Angular JS

Q. What is testability like in AngularJS? +

Angular JS is designed with the testability and has an easy testing as it takes no help from compiler. It comes with a built in dependency injection that makes the testing easier as you can simply mock the components dependencies.

Q. How is AngularJS licensed? +

With the MIT License.

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