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PSD To HTML Development

OG Web Solutions and its team of talented frontend developers can convert any PSD file into a professionally coded HTM5/CSS markup. With high cross-browser compatibility of our code, we match the W3C Markup Validation.

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The Best Conversion Methods Used

Our talented team of HTML coders and frontend developers create a clean HTML & CSS codes for your project. With our PSD to HTML conversion services, you can integrate your projects on various platforms like CMSes and ecommerce. Our end-results are incredibly detailed and high-quality.

Utilize your beautiful web design layout for your web pages and make it a possibility. OG Web Solutions offer the best PSD to HTML services, which is highly compatible with multiple web browsers.

We are the best web development company in India that delivers high-quality PSD to HTML conversion services to clients across the world. We accept various types of design format and convert it to HTML, Our acceptable design format includes, psd, ai, eps, jpg, pdf, png, tif and other similar files.

Our main objective is to offer reliable and high-quality PSD to HTML conversion services to our clients within committed time frame. Our services have dedicated team of professional who can deliver HTML conversion services for simple to complex PSD markup. Our conversion services include SEO semantic, W3C validation, cross browser compatibility, pixel precision, and logical structures.

Our Top-Notch Conversion Methods

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Flexible Grids & Layouts

Easily adjustment to height and width of the targeted device. The grids fits seamlessly with every screen, regardless of its size and resolution.

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Mobile DeviceCompatibility

No redirecting the user to a different URL as our product offers high mobile devices compatibility for better user experience.

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Media Queries

CSS media queries can enable website display true responsive character. They will capture color, browser size, and resolution.

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Auto Resizable Images

Images will change the color, size, and resolution based on the character of the website display with CSS image queries.

HTML5 Development Features

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Cross Browser Compatibility

Our high-quality code is valid XHTML/CSS markup that is consistent across all devices and browsers.

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Page Speed Optimization

We minify the scripts and improve the page speed for more responsive site.

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Use of CSS preprocessors or jQuery in every projects improves the output.

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Audio, Video, & Other Elements

HTML is the best format to add animations into your website and OG Web Solutions can help you achieve the desired result.

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Font-Face/Google Font Implementation

We will add font as per your requirements and recommendations.

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Easy to integrate with any CMS

Easily integrate your HTML5 markup with Open-Source CMS like OpenCart, WordPRess, Drupal, Joomla, and much more.

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Elegant forms

Our designers use HTM5 to make fancier versions with various field types, form validation, and user interface enhancement, to reduce the need of JavaScript.

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Responsive Websites

HTML5 will make highly responsive website on various platforms like Android Device, iPhone with minimal coding.

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Animation for HTML5

Get into the best of HTML5 animation effects with our team and make results more visually attractive.

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Retina Display Compatibility

Render the high quality image on any device and increase its retina display compatibility.

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Minimize Use of Plugins and Scripts

HTML5, scripts, and media plugins use are minimized for shorter load time.

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Improved Accessibility

HTML5 create a more detailed understanding of the web page structure by utilizing every element to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the open source current version of HTML standard that is used for presenting and structuring the content on World Wide Web. It is used for developing interactive web based applications including graphic, video support, and styling effects.

Why is HTML5 so exciting?

HTML5 is exciting due to the following reasons-

  • It is free, open source, and helps you develop rich internet applications.
  • Whether desktop, mobile, tablet or TV, it easily adapts to any device.
  • It defines the rules for embedding of MATHML and SVG inside a HTML document.
When can I use HTML5?

We can already use parts of the platform that interoperate but, HTML5 is free and makes sure that it is available to all. You can use HTML whenever you require a built in fall back mechanism,such as (video) or (input) or an ensured proper fallback.

Which Web browsers support HTML5?

Whether old or new, HTML5 supports all modern browsers as they automatically handle all the unrecognised elements. The browsers supported by HTML5 are Opera 45, Firefox 53, Edge 15, Safari 10.1, and Chrome 45-57.

What are HTML5 Security and Privacy Issues?

Threats from Malicious codeThe malicious code captures the information and exposes your device to an attacker. It can also cause your application to carry tasks like sending messages.Middleware IssueJavaScript uses middleware to call the operating system in its native language. It is easily prone to the malicious code attacks such as XSS.

Is there support for digital rights management (DRM) in HTML5 video?

No. There is no direct support provided by HTML5 for DRM in a video. It is currently handled by a specidic codec or an implementation.

Is dealing with DRM in scope for HTML5?

Yes. Publishing of a DRM framework in HTML5 will keep the web useful and relevant. The issue of DRM in HTML5 will be a turning point where various organisations and users will not taken open web for granted.

Does HTML5 support adaptive/live HTTP streaming?

No. There are some Web browsers, such as Safari that provide specific extensions for handling video streaming while using the HTML5 video element.

Does HTML5 provide for Royalty-Free video and audio codecs?

No. Currently, there are only two video codecs that covers all the major Web browsers.

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