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Why is SSL Important For Your Website in 2017?

April 26, 2017 / Website Security
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Why is SSL Important For Your Website in 2017?

There are many factors that make a website successful. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is one such factor that is a crucial add-on for your website. Before jumping into advantages of SSL, let’s first understand the meaning of secure socket layer.

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is the standard security technology that is used for establishing an encrypted link between a browser and a web server. This link ensures that all information passed between the website browsers and web server remain integral and private. Once your website converted into SSL, it adds an “S” word at the end of the HTTP of a web address. “HTTPS” stops all the crucial data from being easily interpreted and intercepted.

SSL is vital for your website due to an exponential growth of data breaches in the recent years. Let’s have a look at some stats and facts related to data breaches and online scamming in recent years:

– 63% of online businesses do not have ‘fully mature’ method to control sensitive data.

– In the year 2016, there has been 454 cases of data breaches that cause approximately million records exposed.

– In 93% cases of data breaches, hackers take minutes or less to compromise the information

– In 7% of cases, the data breach goes undiscovered for more than a year.

– In 60% of data breach cases, cyber criminals are able to compromise an organization within a few minutes.

– 68% of funds that are lost due to cyber attack were declared unrecoverable.

– The forecast average loss for a data breach of 1000 records is counted between $51,000 and $86,000.

The above-mentioned stats are enough to persuade you to convert your web app into SSL. In addition to security enhancement, there are 5 other benefits of SSL as mentioned below:

1. Your website look more professional

SSL certification enhances credibility of your website and it also separates your web app from other. You website visitors think you are aware of the latest security trends of the market. Therefore, it would be easy for you to convert your website visitors into customers.

Your website look more professional

2. HTTPS improves your organic ranking

Google has already stated that HTTPS encryption for a website is one of the crucial factors within their search engine algorithm. Some recent studies have also demonstrated the increasing number of SSL website within Google’s algorithm.

HTTPS improves your organic ranking

3. Browsers are sending alerts for non-secure sites

Google Chrome is now showing security warnings if any website is not SSL validated with the sensitive information requested. Other browsers like Firefox are also following the suit, and Google has sent out a proposal for browsers to begin marking web apps on HTTP only as “non-secure”.

Browsers are sending alerts for non-secure sites

4. Attract more shoppers

If you are into an eCommerce business, expect your visitors to check if you have SSL encryption or not. In the absence of SSL certification, your website visitors might not stay long enough to see what your website offers.

Attract more shoppers

5. Make more sales

You should keep in mind that SSL clinches the sale at the checkout of pages. If you use a reputed checkout system, it’ll provide secure socket layer protection to your buyers for you. But you should remember that you may still want your own secure socket layer protection in place for the other reasons listed here.

Make more sales


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