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Key points to designing great website.

October 13, 2015 / Design
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Key points to designing great website.

Web Designing is the most important part of Web Building. It should be done such that user can gain much of the information in few minutes without spending much time. Everything in the website should be gain by the user in no time. It should attract the visitor before he / she decides to leave / stay on the site.

There are some key points to be kept in the mind before designing website.

Designer should be able to depict more in less. The short paragraphs, pages with qualitative content should be used by the designer of the website. Navigation is the other aspect. Navigation structure should be consistent without using many hyperlinks, and if so then must be at the bottom or left of the page. The downloading speed of the web pages, web site should be fast. This is possible only if the web content and components will be lighter. The title must be catchy and short for the website as it is the thing which will be visible in search engine list, browser’s title bar and will be displayed in the user’s bookmarks. Feedback is must. There should be the provision to the audience to give their feedback about the site. It will be helpful for further improvement. The designing of web site should be validated if it is according to web standards or not. A validator is a software to check the HTML and CSS documents of the website and will return the errors if any in the website. A good designer should have the habit of validating websites before publishing.

These were some basic knowledge to guide web designers to be more perfect in their job. But still experience is the great thing. One can get the experienced web designers at the OG web solutions that are capable of designing such websites that can attract the user in one go. These designers will make use of their knowledgebase and will helpout clients in getting their website ready.

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