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7 Benefits of work with Web Development Company instead of freelancers

May 4, 2017 / Web Development
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Benefits of work with Web Development Company instead of freelancers

If you are planning to make your own web app, there are two options in front of you: either choose web development company or choose freelancers. Excellent web design & development is one of the most crucial elements of a successful business; therefore, business owners should strive to get the best out of their investment. If you are serious about your web development project, then choosing a reputed web development agency is a good idea. Let’s have a look at some pros of web development company over freelancers:

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1. Ample Resources

One of the prime advantages of choosing web application development company is that they tend to have ample resources so as to handle more complex and larger projects. Additionally, each project part will be assigned to a specific specialist. Whereas, freelancers often lack in all-around expertise that is required to handle all the aspects of a project cycle successfully.

Ample Resources


2. Reliability

There are many trusted web app development companies in the world and an established company is highly reliable in terms of project completion, launch, and implementation. On the other hand, freelance web developers may disappear halfway through the project, as most of them work part-time.



3. Ongoing Customer Support

A good web development agency undoubtedly offers remarkable customer support with the help of dedicated customer support team. They also provide regular security updates and technical guidance even after your web app is launched. But, it’s difficult for freelance developers to allocate resources and time to offer you ongoing technical support due to lack of time and skills.

Ongoing Customer Support


4. Professionalism & Technology

A good web app development company has a dedicated team of UI/UX designers and coders who know all the nitty & gritty to design and develop a successful website. One of the main advantages of web development companies is that they can adopt the latest technology and trends quickly to ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors.

Freelancers often work alone on multiple projects at the same time and they do the work during their free time. In most of the times, they lack the required skills and resources to adopt new tools and technologies.

Professionalism & Technology


5. Meeting Deadlines

Web development agencies follow the industry standard practices and guidelines. With the help of dedicated experts, they can also allocate more resources whenever required in order to get the web development project launched on time. On the other hand, most of the freelancers do not follow the industry standards as well as their ability to get the development project moving forward is also dependent on their availability.

Meeting Deadlines


6. Single Point of Contact

A good web development agency dedicates an account manager throughout your entire project cycle that allows you to manage the project easily. But, you may need to hire multiple freelancers in order to accomplish different aspects of a project.

Single Point of Contact


7. Security & Proper Documentations

Nowadays, almost all web development sign a non-disclosure agreement. Further, making payments to reputed web company is far reliable and safer. They also follow proper documentation that can protect you from any copyright infringement lawsuits or other legal risks in the future. Whereas, paying freelance web developers can be a risky thing because the payment is sent to an email address that makes it nearly impossible to check if the freelancer is genuine or not.

Security & Proper Documentations


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