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We design logos for startups as well as small and mid-size companies looking for a way to mark their global success. With detailed and transparent process, our team of logo design experts in India create the perfect blend of creativity and designing skills.

A company’s logo has the power of representing the vision and essence of the business to the world. We create our logos by considering the ethos and core values of our client’s business. Our logo design services will give you every assistance in areas of graphic design that will leave a mark on your customer’s memory.

At OG Web Solutions, we create logos that are unique and will leave a long lasting impression on every onlooker. While retaining the integrity of the company, we can work with multiple color combinations and design patterns, to deliver only the best logo design services in India.

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We Cover Every Aspect of Logo Designs

Our complete project will include 10 Master File Formats including PDS, AI, CDR, EPS, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PDF, PNG, BMP, black & white, and high resolution color format. Our files are compatible with Mac and PC operating system. You Will Own All The Design Rights of Logo

We Cover Every Aspect of Logo Designs

Convert Your Existing Logo into High Resolution

Do you love your current logo and want to give it some extra edge of clarity? Our team of graphic designers in India can convert your existing logo into a high-resolution logo.

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Features of Logo Designing
  • Combination Mark Logo

    Iconic logos are the type of logos that have a blend of words and symbols. This is a highly visual icon that associates both name of the company and its vision. These marks when split apart has the ability to represent itself independently. Logos like Nike, Adidas, and even Pizzahut are great examples of combination logos.

  • Wordmark Logo

    Wordmark logos are logos that are created using stylized form of texts in a unique format. Majority of businesses around the world prefer their logos in wordmark format, as they best suit their goals and are highly distinctive. Coco Cola, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook are great examples of wordmark logos.

  • Lettermark Logo

    Lettermark logos are logos that are made using words of the company's initials, instead of using full name. Such logos are great for companies that have difficult to pronounce names. IBM and EA are great examples of lettermark logos.

  • Symbol Mark Logo

    Logos that are made from symbols or icons are called symbol mark logo. These can be risky as they won't represent the company's name or its unique outlook. Such symbols are recommended only for startups or smaller brands trying to people familiar with their brand. Apple, LG, and Microsoft are great examples of symbol mark logo.

  • Emblem Logo

    Emblem logos are logos that have text positioned inside a unique symbol. They cannot be separated and will look more like a badge or seal. This is favorite choice for government organizations. FBI, Starbucks, and Harley Davidson are great examples of emblem logos.

  • Animated Logo

    One of the most popular forms of logos today is animated logos. Human eyes catch the things that move and are more visual. To create the best eye-catching logo, animation is the way to go!

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